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Established in 1980, Bumper to Bumper started as a Quick Service shop for repairing and replacing exhaust systems. With our unique approach in the Kuwait market, BTB extended their services to include quick body shop repairs and express lube services re-launching to the iconic name Bumper to Bumper in 1985. Today, Bumper to Bumper has established itself as the reliable state of the art one stop shop for customers for all their car service needs for any car make. With passion for the automotive industry, we are always determined to use the latest technology, products and trends to ensure the best quality products for our customers. With 12 locations across Kuwait and plans to grow further, we aim to be easily accessible for quick quality car service for all makes. There are four main location hubs for a range of full services as well as service shops within main petrol stations that provide speedy oil, filter and car check-up services.

Auto 1

Auto 1

Since 1950, Automotive Business is our flagship vertical with a presence in every product segment of Automotive Aftermarket across the Middle East & African markets. AUTO1 represents more than 150 world-leading brands in Car Accessories, Auto Glass, Batteries, Car Care, Lubricants, Tires and Spare Parts segments. Our Automotive Businesses are pioneers offering products and services to a wide range of customers from Trade, Distribution, Fleets and Retailing. Our network includes conveniently located distribution offices, showrooms, and service centers dedicated to any automotive need. Our greatest asset is the professional team whose passion for the automotive industry, product knowledge, and our customer-focused approach is second to none in the industry.


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Al Habtoor - United Arab Emirates

Al Habtoor Motors, a name renowned for quality and excellence in the UAE Automotive Sector is equally synonymous with global brands like Mitsubishi along with an impressive stable of high-end, luxury cars. Established in 1983, the company has earned an enviable reputation for delivering first class motoring experience for its customers.
Driven by professionalism and high standards of customer service, Al Habtoor Motors has an empowering work ethic and its philosophy is based on the total commitment of its employees, recognized as its most valuable asset.

Al Habtoor Motors has been awarded 'Dealer of the Year' for achieving 'Highest Middle East and North Africa & India Sales' by Bentley, with the impressive news being publicized by Bentley UK to all dealers worldwide.


Suhail Bahwan Automobiles LLC

Suhail Bahwan Automobiles LLC

Suhail Bahwan Automobiles LLC (SBA) is a flagship company of the Bahwan International Group and one of the top automobile distributors in the Sultanate of Oman. Employing over 1500 people throughout the country, SBA, over the years has emerged as one of the most reliable and one-stop source for all automobile needs.

The name has been respected in Oman for decades for its adherence to strong values and business ethics. SBA has taken pride in their ability to embrace change and modern business practices, while keeping core values and corporate culture at the foundation of business strategy.

Exercising “Customer First” philosophy on a continuous basis, SBA is constantly thriving for customer satisfaction. To serve customers in the remotest parts of the country, SBA in a short span of time, has established a strong network of more than 60 retail points spread across the length and breadth of the country.


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Al Kuwaiti Group

Al Kuwaiti Group has been a leading provider of diversified products and services for more than 70 years in the kingdom of Bahrain.

We represent some of the largest Worldwide manufactures of building materials, engineering products, tools, Industrial equipment and automobiles parts such as tires, lubricant and paint. We consist of a dynamic sales team who are well trained engineers and salesmen capable of providing technical support in any bearing, valves, conveyor belts, tools electrical cables, chains, oil seals, and industrial lubricants and chemicals. A team that is always well versed with all technical aspects of each product and what suite its specific needs. Communicating effectively and understanding the needs is a priority in order to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship.


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Nicola Abu Khader & Sons Co. Ltd - NASCO

NASCO’s humble beginning soon transformed into a catalyst for achieving significant, industry-changing successes. It is now considered one of the region’s oldest and largest automotive aftermarket pioneers. 


NASCO Automotive is the core of the Abu Khader Group, currently being run by second generation Chairman Mr. George Abu Khader and third generation CEO Mr. Nicola Abu Khader. Abu Khader Group has diversified its business, growing into several new ventures including but not limited to automotive dealership, leasing, public transportation, car rental, automotive batteries manufacturing, gas stations, fuel distribution, education, and real estate development; however, its deep-rooted heritage and experience in the automotive aftermarket industry are indicative of its reliability, credibility, and trustworthiness.


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Al-Aman / NewIncomas

New Incomas trading company was established in the mid 1970's by the late prominent Libyan businessman, Soliman Muttawa.

It is our mission to provide our network of dealers with high quality batteries and tires at affordable prices in order to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our market knowledge and experience, along with our trained team of professionals, enable us to serve our dealers and customers by offering efficient and effective solutions.


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Rafic Bawab Co. SAL

A family business, founded in 1983, Rafic Bawab & co s.a.l is a leading imports and exports of tyres. Automotive batteries, lubricants, Oil filters, wipers, Rims and tubes in Lebanon and over several countries in the middle east and Africa.

Headquartered in Lebanon, the company owns a state of the art distribution centre located in Dibbiyeh which facilitates distribution all over the country from the North to the South including Bekaa region.

Rafic Bawab & co s.a.l commits itself to the finest quality products in the portfolio of brands which includes more than 40 brands of tires, batteries, lubricants, Oil filters, wipers, Rims and tubes.

Rafic Bawab & co s.a.l owns a network of 800 dealers distributed all over Lebanon and employs more than 80 specialized professionals who share the company ambitions of making it the first automotive distributor in the region.

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