General Tire brand’s the Middle East tyre portfolio at a glance

March 2016

The General Tire brand offers three models of tire for different requirements, emphasizing the brand’s American heritage as the guarantor of reliable performance across all product lines.

  • Altimax Sport, Altimax Comfort and Eurovan 2: U.S. brand offers extensive range of tires for cars and vans
  • Selection of sporty models offering high ride quality for that everyday adventure

With its mission statement “Anywhere is possible”, General Tire underlines the performance, handling and durability of products built “for your everyday adventure”. The Altimax Sport delivers a precise steering response and short braking distances, while the Altimax Comfort is designed for superior ride quality, a long service life and low rolling resistance, without compromising its high safety standards. And for vans including the VW transporter, Fiat Ducato, etc., General Tire offers the Eurovan 2 summer tire. This robust transporter and van tire is the economical and safe option for transporting passengers or goods.

The Altimax Sport

The General Tire Altimax Sport has been designed specifically for precision handling and short braking distances on wet or dry roads. It features wide circumferential grooves and open shoulder blocks for rapid water dispersion, making for short braking distances in the wet. The tire also has stiff outside shoulder blocks for a precise steering response on dry roads, while its lateral stiffness and stability deliver precision handling for safe driving at higher speeds and on winding roads. General Tire has opted for a modern silica tread compound to bridge the gap between the conflicting targets of high grip in the wet and low rolling resistance. In addition, this asymmetrical, sporty tire features a Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI), which helps identify uneven tread wear at an early stage, and a Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM), which tells the driver in good time when a change of tire is due. The Altimax Sport is manufactured in 75 different sizes, with five new sizes added in 2016. The range includes tires for 14-20-inch rims. These sporty tires from General Tire are approved for speeds of up to 300 km/h.

The Altimax Comfort

The Altimax Comfort from General Tire is designed for drivers who want a particularly quiet and comfortable ride. To deliver just that, the development engineers at General Tire have designed a tread with blocks that enter the contact patch in staggered sequence, making for steady and agreeably low tire/road noise. At the same time they have kept a clear focus on the tire’s safety characteristics: The Altimax Comfort is based on a silica compound that offers low rolling resistance and at the same time is designed to deliver good wet grip. The lateral sipes in the blocks direct the water rapidly into the tread grooves for quick dispersion, providing high levels of safety on wet roads. To ensure a precise steering response, this asymmetrical tire features stiff outside tread blocks that support the tire on cornering. Under braking and in straight-line driving, wide tread ribs at the center of the tire provide the maximum contact patch for good directional stability and short braking distances. The Altimax Comfort too features both the Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) and the Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM). This model is available in almost 50 different sizes for rims from 13-16 inches and is approved for speeds of up to 240 km/h

The Eurovan 2

With the Eurovan 2, the General Tire range includes a robust performer for vans and transporters. In wet-weather driving, its three wide circumferential drainage grooves take up large amounts of water and direct it away from the contact patch fast through broad grooves in the outer tread blocks. The opposing grooves between the outer tread blocks are staggered, keeping tire/road noise agreeably low by avoiding frequency spikes. Precise directional stability and short braking distances are assured by the wide, sturdy rows of tread blocks in the center of the tire that make for effective transmission of circumferential and lateral forces to the road. The Eurovan 2 owes its special robustness not least to an extra layer of rubber in the sidewall, ensuring that the frequent curb contact encountered by delivery vans does not harm the tire. This highly durable van and transporter tire is available in 20 sizes for 14-16-inch rims. Depending on size, the tires have a load capacity of up to 1,150 kg (LI 113).

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